Getting Around

Vilamoura, Portugal

Vilamoura is located virtually in the middle of the Algarve coast, within 15km of the main airport at Faro.

Modern, lively and sophisticated Vilamoura has developed around its marina.

The town as known today begun to be built in the 1970s. But the Romans already knew the are, as its clear from the ruins of Cerro da Vila , preserved in the museum of the same name, beside the access road to Falésia Beach.

Business Hours

In general, traditional shops open from Monday to Saturday between 10am-7pm (closed on Sunday).

Shopping centers are usually open every day between 9am until midnight and supermarkets are usually open from 9am-8pm.

Most restaurants are open from 12am-3pm, and reopen from 6pm-11pm. Some restaurants have one closing day per week (usually Monday).

The opening hours of museums in Portugal vary but are generally Tuesday-Sunday from 9.30am-12.30am and 2pm-5pm. Closed: Mondays and national holidays.


The main shopping area in Vilamoura is the Marina and adjacent roads. In this are you will find restaurants, bars, cafes and a wide range of shops selling everything from clothes, beach wear, souvenirs to home decor.

Will not find large shops in Vilamoura but a wide range of boutique sized shops. For a bigger shopping experience you should visit Mar Shopping in Faro.


April in Vilamoura is an enjoyable spring month, with average temperature varying between 20ºC and 10ºC.

It rains on average a total of 10 days.

So with an average of 8 hours of sunrise per day, there´s plenty of time to get out and about in Vilamoura.


Regular shuttle services connecting the Faro airport to Vilamoura cost around 30 euros and the drives takes approximately 30/35 minutes (previous booking recommended).

Taxi fares will vary depending on the times of day, weekends and holidays: aprox. 30 euros (weekdays, daytime); and aprox. 36 euros (9pm-6am weekdays, all day weekends and holidays).


Portuguese is the official language spoken in Portugal. English is widely understood by the community.

Local Time

Western European Time (WET).


The local currency is EUR.