Scientific Programme


Opening session including keynote address

  • Opening remarks: Mrs Martine Pergent (IPOPI President) and Mr
    Johan Prevot (IPOPI Executive Director)
  • Keynote speech “PIDs across the age spectrum” – Prof. Klaus Warnatz


Session 1: PIDs and Allergies – Exploring the crossover!
Chairs: Dr Nizar Mahlaoui and Dr Nicholas Brodszki

  • Epidemiological overview of PIDs and Allergies
  • When is allergy a PID and when is it just allergy? – Dr Anna Sediva
  • Asthma, chronic obstructive lung issues and PIDs – Dr Leif Hanitsch
  • Dermatological allergic manifestations in PIDs – Prof Raffaele Badolato


Welcome Reception at the Congress Venue


Guided Poster Walk


Session 2: Management of Gastrointestinal and Hepatic manifestations in PIDs

Chairs: Prof Sergio Rosenzweig and TBC

  • The interplay between the gastrointestinal tract and the immune system – Prof Harry Sokol
  • How to manage? – Prof Isabella Quinti
  • Explorations and treatment pathways including transplantation and conditioning – Dr Lizzy Rivers
  • Patient Testimony


Coffee Break and Guided Poster Walks


Session 3: The Usual Suspects

Chairs: Prof Stephen Jolles, Prof Stuart Tangye and TBC

  • Genetic diagnosis – Dr Sophie Hambleton
  • Malignancy spectrum of PIDs – Dr Ton Langerak
  • Autoimmunity and autoinflammation manifestations – Prof Tadej Avcin


Lunch and Poster Walk


Session 4: Regional Diagnosis and Clinical Challenges Session

Chairs: Prof Martin van Hagen and TBC

  • APSID Lecture Prof Surjit Singh
  • ASID Lecture Dr Nahla Erwa
  • CIS Lecture Prof Sergio Rosenzweig
  • ESID Prof Isabelle Meyts
  • LASID Dr Liliana Bezrodnik
  • SEAPID Dr Narissara Suratannon


Coffee Break and Guided Poster Walks


Session 5: Treatment advances in specific PID management

Chairs: Dr Virgil Dalm and TBC

  • CGD latest management advances – Prof Horst von Bernuth
  • ALPS: reaching new heights! – Dr Olaf Neth
  • T-cell lymphopenia: How TRECs modify the management of these patients – Prof Stephan Ehl
  • Update on IUIS classification: will it open new PID management pathways? – Prof Steven Holland


Congress Dinner (venue to be announced)


Session 6: Ethical considerations 

Chairs: Prof Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles and TBC

Topics TBA

  • Invited panel: Ethicist James Taylor, Prof Alain Fischer, Prof Cornelis Boersma, Dr Adli Ali and Mary Louise Daly


Coffee break and Guided Poster Walks


Session 7: The quest for a cure to primary immunodeficiencies… 

Chairs: Prof Anna Shcherbina and TBC

  • Cell therapy and PIDs – Dr Luigi Notarangelo
  • Bone Marrow Transplantation in adults – Prof Felipe Suarez
  • Thymic Transplantation – Prof Graham Davies
  • Gene Therapy and Gene Editing – Prof Alain Fischer


Lunch and Poster Walk


Young PID investigators: poster winners’ session


Coffee break and Guided Poster Walks


Session 8: Management of viral infections in PIDs

Chairs: Prof Steven Holland and Prof Surjit Singh

  • COVID-19 and PIDs! – Prof Martin van Hagen
  • CMV and EBV management in PIDs – Dr Romain Levy
  • Management of respiratory and entero-viruses in PIDs – Prof Stephen Jolles


Closure talk (Chair: Dr Nizar Mahlaoui):

“Horizon 2040: what can PID genetics studies tell us about the future?” – Dr Luigi Notarangelo